Ferries to Holland

If your considering taking the car over to Holland via ferry then you currently have 3 options. Ferries run from Newcastle to Amsterdam, Hull to Rotterdam and Harwich to Hook of Holland.

Each route is operated by three separate ferry companies and each have something different to offer.

Ferries to Holland

  Route Sailings per day Sailing
Foot passengers Car & 4 passengers  

The Dutch ferry connections from the North England – the Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry and the Hull to Rotterdam ferry both operate a daily service to Holland. They both depart in the evening and sail overnight to Holland and arrive first thing in the morning.

The DFDS Seaways ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam is the longest crossing at 15 hours 30 minutes, but they offer of you a great on-board experience, with en-suite cabins, 3 amazing restaurants, cafes and a number of bars. As well as that each crossing as an extensive program of excellent live entertainment.

For those in the south of England, the Harwich to Hook of Holland ferry crossing is you likely choice. This ferry is the shortest of the 3 crossings and is unique in that it offers 2 daily sailings with one of them being in the day and one of them being overnight. The overnight crossing is more expensive than the day crossing because you require a cabin for the overnight sailing.

If your taking your dog or small pet with you on your travels, then you are in luck because all three ferries allow you to travel with dogs and small animals. Each operator will have there own policy and usually offer Kennels for dogs, with smaller animals remaining in your vehicle during the crossing. You pets are allowed to travel to Holland under the Defra PETS Pet Travel Scheme. You will need to sort a “pet passport” out before you travel and can take a few months to get sorted if you have not started the application process yet.

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