How To Get The Cheapest Ferry Prices

Everyone wants a bargain and no one likes paying more than they have to. Just like planes and trains, ferry prices vary on when you are travelling and availability. The busier the route or the time of sailing the less likely you are going to be getting the “from” price.

So how do you get that cheap looking from price? Here is our top tips.

  • Book as far as in advance as possible. The earlier you book the better the deal you are likely to get. Last minute deals are rare on ferries, so don’t be hoping prices will fall, they are more likely to rise
    • This is really important on overnight sailings that require a cabin – The cheapest cabins tend to sell out the quickest.
    • Some operators offer a 10% reduction on sailings book 60 day in advance
  • Sail on a Tuesday! Generally it’s the cheapest day to sail, closely followed by Wednesday and then Thursday. Some routes will throw a curve ball and the weekend may be cheaper, so always check other days.
  • Sail October to March! Avoiding the peak summer season is the easiest way to get the best rate. April, May and September will again likely be cheaper than the main summer season June through August.
  • Travel in packs!
    • The more you fit in your car, the cheaper the price per head.
    • Overnight sailings work out cheapest when 4 are travelling and you all share a cabin, the difference between a 2 berth cabin and 4 berth cabin is usually only a few pound.
  • Don’t book a cabin. Most overnight sailings require you to have a cabin, some though allow you to just book a seat, which is usually cheaper.
  • Most companies run their best offers in January, so is often the best time to book, especially for getting a good deal on a summer sailing.