“London baby!!!” said in the best Joey from FRIENDS accent possible. It is the heart of this great nation. One of the most popular cities to visit in the World, it really does offer something for everyone.

Built back in 1703, Buckingham Palace is one of the city’s top tourist hotspots for all things Royal. As the main residence for the Royal Family. This iconic build is the centre for all celebrations and mourning’s in the country. Thousands of people are invited into the grounds of the place to enjoy State banquets, lunches, dinners, receptions and garden parties. *Tip, if you want to know if the Queen is in when you visit, check out the flag that is flying above the palace. If it’s The Royal Standard of the United Kingdom, she’s home. If it’s the Union Jack, she’s not in residence.

The best views of the city undoubtedly come from The Shard. From here you can experience 360-degree views over London. At more than 1,000ft (300 metres) tall, The Shard in London Bridge is almost twice as high as any other building in the city.

A stones throw from The Shard is the famous Borough Market which is one of London’s largest and oldest food markets. From meat and fish, fresh fruit and veg, bakery items and street food, this market has it all!

One of the most popular attractions in the city for both children and adults alike is the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. Here you can immerse yourself in breath taking sets, authentic props and original costumes. A truly magical day out for any wizard or muggle alike.

Travelling to London by Ferry

The closest ferry port to London is either Portsmouth or Newhaven Ferry Terminal. These ferry terminals are approximately 74km away (119 miles) which would be a pleasant drive allowing you to explore the English countryside, taking around 2 hours.

There are actually seven separate UK to ferry ports that will get you within a 5 hour drive of London. Where ever you live in the world, driving to London should be easy with ferries arriving into England from France, Holland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.