Ferries to the Northern Isles

Ferries to the Northern Isles

The Northern Isles are a pair of archipelagos off the north coast of mainland Scotland, comprising Orkney and Shetland. The landscapes of the fertile agricultural islands of Orkney contrast with the more rugged Shetland islands to the north, where the economy is more dependent on fishing and on the oil wealth of the surrounding seas. 

Travelling to the Northern Isles by Ferry

There are five different ferry routes operated by North Link Ferries arriving into the Northern Isles daily from Scotland. The crossings range from 90 minutes to an over night sailing depending on the route.

Ferries to Orkney

Car & 4 passengers from £176
4 Sailings Per Week       Sailing time: 6hr
Car & 4 passengers from £116
4 Sailings Per Week       Sailing time: 5hr 30m
Car & 4 passengers from £129
1 sailings per day       Sailing time: 1hr 30m

Ferries to Shetland

Car & 4 passengers from £187
7 Sailings Per Week       Sailing time: 12hr 30m
Car & 4 passengers from £116
4 Sailings Per Week       Sailing time: 5hr 30m

Destination Guides

If you are looking for some inspiration for place to go and see in the Northern Isles. Why not check out our Northern Isles Destination Guide (Orkney and Shetland) for some hints and tips. We have lots of ideas of things to see and do across the island.

Hotels on the Northern Isles

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Hotels on Orkney


Hotels on Shetland


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