Denmark is a Nordic country situated in Northern Europe. It is the most southern most of the Scandinavian countries and shares a land boarder on the south with Germany.

Famous for its hygge (“a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”) lifestyle. It is often voted one of the happiest places in the world to live. While this might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Denmark. Many people associated it with colourful buildings, Hans Christian Andersen or maybe even it’s Viking heritage. When we think of Denmark we only think of one thing….. and that’s Lego!

Travelling to Denmark by Ferry

Unfortunately from 2014, DFDS Seaways closed the last remaining passenger service between the UK and Denmark (Harwich to Esbjerg). There are currently no direct ferries operating between Britain and Scandinavia.

However, you can still reach Denmark by ferry using either our Newcastle to Amsterdam or Hull to Rotterdam routes and continue to enjoy safe and relaxing ferry travel to mainland Europe.

Where to Visit in Denmark

Famous for its rejuvenation of its waterfront, Aalborg is an ancient city with a Viking Past. With its famous striking architecture and beautiful street art. This ancient city blends the old with the new seamlessly.

Aarhus is a tiny city which literally can claim everything is within walking distance. Famous for its unusual architecture, why not visit the Infinite Bridge, walk through the Rainbow bridge or visit The Iceberg (part of the new towns regeneration of the harbour).

No trip to Denmark would be complete without visiting it’s capital: Copenhagen. Known for its canals, charming house, Trivoli Gardens and of course the fairy-tale magic created by Hans Christian Andersen, its really is a city which has something for everyone.

Birth place to Hans Christian Andersen, Odense is a cosy city where you will feel like you are stepping back in time. Located on the island of Fyn, this island is full of gardens, parks and woodlands.

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