Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam in Holland

Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam in Holland

The Newcastle to Amsterdam (IJmuiden) ferry connection is operated by DFDS Seaways. The service connects the North-East of England with the north of Holland. It departs daily from North Shields in Newcastle on an overnight service to IJmuiden, Amsterdam.

If you are planning a self drive holiday to Amsterdam, Holland or anywhere in Europe or even just commuting home then a DFDS ferry is excellent and cost effective way of travelling.

Newcastle to Amsterdam

Car & 4 passengers from £230
1 sailings per day       Sailing time: 15 hours

After departing from North Shields, Newcastle you’ll enjoy a relaxing overnight crossing. Before having the freedom of the open road. Head directly into Amsterdam, or go off the beaten track and explore the rest of Holland and beyond. With the convenience of taking your own vehicle and no baggage restrictions, taking a ferry to Holland is relaxing. It is the stress-free way to reach Europe.

As well as a regular passenger and vehicle transportation DFDS operates mincruise packages to Amsterdam and other destinations in Europe. These special cruises include two days on board and a optional hotel stay depending on length of your package.

A convenient and relaxing way to travel

Taking a ferry to Holland is a convenient and relaxing way to travel. Departing from Newcastle at 5pm (UK time), you can then relax and enjoy the great on board facilities. On the DFDS Ship it includes bars, restaurants, cafes and not to mention a cinemas. Arriving in Amsterdam (IJmuiden) in Holland at 09:30 (CET – Amsterdam Time).

The Ferry docks in Ijmuiden at the Holland end, which is just outside Amsterdam and DFDS run buses into Amsterdam centre, which takes about 30 minutes.

If you want  to take your car to Europe, then you can use this daily ferry to Holland, sailing overnight from Newcastle to Amsterdam. After a relaxing overnight crossing, you have the freedom of the open road. Head directly into Holland’s capital, Amsterdam, or go off the beaten track and explore the rest of Holland and beyond with your car. With the convenience of taking your own vehicle and no baggage restrictions, taking a ferry to Holland is the relaxing, stress-free way to reach Europe.

The ferry departing from Amsterdam (IJmuiden) back to Newcastle departs Holland at 5.30pm (CET – Amsterdam Time), arriving in England at 9am (UK time) the following day.

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      32 thoughts on “Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam in Holland

      1. Hi there, I would like to make a reservation for 10 adults on 5th of March and return 6th of March from Newcastle to Amsterdam

        1. Hi Syed

          It is not possible to make a booking online with more than 9 passengers. Please contact DFDS at +44 8715229977 for groups of 10 or more passengers. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

            1. Hi Syed

              Yes, there is parking facilities near the ferry terminal. The Port of Tyne car park is only a few minutes’ walk from the International Passenger Terminal.

              The car park is open from 7am – 8pm daily.

              For DFDS passengers:
              Parking is free for the first 4 hours and then charges are £12 per 24 hours.

              If you are a cruise passenger, we recommend checking with your cruise line to make sure you can get the best rates.

              DFDS Amsterdam Mini Cruise Example:
              Day 1 – Arrive in car park at 3pm
              Day 2 – In Amsterdam
              Day 3 – Leave car park at 11 am
              Parking cost £24 (44 hours)

              Pay for parking by cash or credit/debit card when you return, either at pay stations inside the terminal or at the entrance to the car park. Lost tickets will be charged at £15 per day.

              Please note that the parking facilities cannot be prepaid or reserved. I hope this helps.

      2. I understand the prices for 2024 haven’t been released yet but can you advise most cost effective dates for two 65 year olds for a seven day return trip Newcastle-Ijmuiden with bicycles either late May or early June please? Standard cabin.

        1. Hi Stevie

          Thanks for getting in touch. For the DFDS Newcastle to Amsterdam route the prices for late May / early June are live. You are actually in luck as DFDS are currently running an “Early Booking” promotion, which will save you money on the fares (Automatically applied at checkout). To get even more of a saving we would recommend travelling on a Tuesday or Wednesday (these tend to be the quietest days). Also booking outwith school holidays help help to bring the price down too. Why not check out our hand How To Get The Cheapest Ferry Crossing Post for even more hints and tips. I hope this helps.

      3. I am only on state pension so please can you give me the cheapest trip from Newcastle to amsterdam late October or November cheapest dates please? And i want to stay two days in Amsterdam. Thank you.

      4. My wife and myself are flexible about dates. We are returning from visiting our dochter and twa grandchildren in Friesland. We hope to return on or about 19november 2023.
        We have bad knees so a bunk bed is out. We used this service towards the end of Covid enjoyed it immensely. Please quote us a price.

        1. Hi Thomas

          Glad to hear you enjoyed this service before and are willing to use it again. So as a rough quote: 2 adults + car + small double cabin, sailing on 19th November would be £220. To get the price slightly cheaper, we would suggest sailing on 21st November, as this would lower the price to £200 (2 adults + car + small double cabin). We hope you have a lovely time visiting your family in Friesland.

        1. Hi Josh

          All ferry companies differ with how far in advance you can book. Currently for DFDS, you can only book up until the end of 2023. Unfortunately you will have to wait until next year to secure the dates. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      5. Hi – I am looking at options for a road trip through Europe next year and this seems like a good way to start! Can you advise when your prices will be available to view for June 2024?

        1. Hi Jordan

          We think taking your car on a ferry round Europe sounds like an amazing idea for a road trip. Unfortunately, sailings for June 2024 haven’t been released yet. WE would advise checking back in a few months time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      6. Hello it states you can get a one way foot ticket for £22 but as it is over night you must purchase a cabin making it hugely more expensive is this correct? or is there a way of not getting the ferry?

        1. Hi Katherine

          The foot passenger price is based on 4 sharing a cabin. The cheapest cabin is £85, working out at £21.25 for a one way crossing. You’ll also find that prices in summer sailings are higher and there is also a limited number of each price of cabin.

      7. Hi my gf and i are looking to go to Amsterdam from North Shields by ferry double bed and stay in hotel for a few nights returning back to North Shields
        We are talking sometime Aug pls can you give me cheapest prices please?

        1. Hi Stevie

          So you have a couple of options. You first is to check out the DFDS Mini Cruise to Amsterdam. This would give you 2 nights onboard as you sail towards the Dutch capital, and spend the day exploring the city, soaking up it its vibrant culture and indulging in delicious local cuisine. There are a few different options to choose from. Why not check out our Mini Cruise section for some ideas.

          The second would be to just book a return ferry crossing from Newcastle to Amsterdam.

          Unfortunately, on this occasion I cannot give you a price. There are too many variations to price up. I would need more information around the dates in which you want to go. Also, pleased be advised that by choosing a cabin with a double bed, rather than bunk beds it will double the price of your quote.

      8. Hi we are a couple in our 70s both fit and Mobil but rubbish with computers! Wanting to book a crossing ( that we have done numerous times in the past.) Newcastle to Amsterdam.the week befor Easter returning the week after.standard car.inside cabin with double bed.what’s our best price please.

        1. Hi Adrian

          Firstly, thank you for getting in touch. I wasn’t quite sure on exact dates for “the week before Easter”. So I’ve done two quotes for you. Both include a standard cabin with a small double bed:

          1) 31st March till 14th April – £697
          2) 2nd April till 16th April – £595

          You can see from the two couple by playing around with the exact dates you can often get a cheaper price. I’d advise you play around with the dates to get the best option.I hope this helps.

      9. Buonasera. Il 3 Settembre vorrei prendere il traghetto da Amsterdam a NewCastle. Ho una cagnolina di 9 kg. Vaccinata e tutto in regola. Non ho capito dove può stare durante la notte. Ho anche il trasportino.

        1. Ciao Silvia

          Unfortunately, none of the team here at Ferryto.eu are fluent in Italian. We have had to use Google Translate for your question. So apologies, if this doesn’t answer your question.

          Please ensure any pets are booked in advance. Kennels are available for £30 each way. Pets in kennels must be secured inside your vehicle. Alternatively, there are our 4-bed, sea view pet friendly cabins available for £30 per dog. Each can accommodate up to 2 medium sized dogs. These cabins are bookable by calling 0871 522 9955. Foot passengers travelling with dogs must book by calling the customer contact centre (Telephone: 0871 522 9977).

      10. Hi, can you please tell me the price for the ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam for one person with a bicycle?


        1. Hi Steven

          Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately I would need a little more information to complete this quote. When are you looking to travel? What type of cabin would you be looking to have? If you get back in touch, I’ll happily try and help you get a more accurate quote?

      11. There’s an add stain £22 for foot passenger. Every time I try to book it end up £222! What’s the cheapest foot passenger return you do please, and is the journey suitable for wheelchair?

        1. Hi Willie

          I am unable to see where the extra £22 is coming in? Please can you clarify this for me? Yes, the journey is suitable for wheelchair users, both ships used on this route have facilities with reduced mobility.

          King Seaways

          Disabled Cabins: Four outside cabins and two inside cabins – entrance door width 90 cm
          Lifts: Suitable for normal sized wheelchairs
          Two lifts from deck 6 to 7, measuring 108 cm x 144 cm – entrance door width 87 cm
          Two twin lifts measuring 107 cm x 143 cm – entrance door width 90 cm
          Disabled Toilet Facilities: Wheelchair-accessible public toilet on deck 9 – entrance door width 100 cm
          Restricted Areas: Deck 5 has no lift access. Access to open decks for wheelchairs is on deck 10. Sky bar on deck 12 is only accessible by outside staircase.
          Disabled access available on/off ship.

          Princess Seaways

          Disabled Cabins: Two outside cabins and two inside cabins – entrance door width 88cm
          Lifts: Suitable for normal sized wheelchairs
          Two lifts from deck 5 to 6, measuring 108 cm x 144 cm – entrance door width 87 cm
          Two twin lifts measuring 107 cm x 143 cm – entrance door width 85 cm
          Disabled Toilet Facilities: In wheelchair accessible cabins only
          Restricted Areas: Deck 4 has no lift access
          Disabled access available on/off ship.

        1. Hi Oluremi

          Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately I would need a little more information to complete this quote? When are you looking to travel? How long are you travelling for? Can you be flexible with times for travel, or ticket types? As a rough approximation, two foot passenger in July for a single journey, prices would start from £255. I hope this helps.

      12. thank you. Do you have mini breaks in Amsterdam consisting of 2 nights in Amsterdam including crossing and hotel please?

        1. Hi David

          Thank you for getting in touch.

          The closest package deal, would be a DFDS Mini Cruise (Newcastle – Amsterdam). This has an overnight crossings on the ferry, with 5 hours to spend in the city of Amsterdam. Before returning home via another overnight crossing. I’ve linked it for you to have a look at.

          I don’t think this really covers what you are looking for. To me it sounds like you want two days in Amsterdam to explore. All this would have to be booked separately. But can easily be done through Ferryto.EU:

          1) Book ferry crossings Newcastle – Amsterdam Return.
          2) Book hotel in Amsterdam.

          I Hope this helps.

      13. To let you know if ever you return , behind Amsterdam train station there is a fast boat service, same as buses but on the canal. it departs every 30 min. to ijmuiden
        and costs 5euro,it is also a lovely drive. it stops about 1.5 mile from DFDS ferry terminal..so you may need to take a taxi from there..but it allows much more flexibility…

      14. We (a coach load from work) have just returned this morning from a mini cruise to amsterdam and we were discussing on the coach back to Ripon how it would have been better to have stayed in amsterdam at least 1 night as the 4 hours we had due to the dutch gangway being inoperable on our disembarking losing us an hour, we didnt have enough time to see and experiance the city as much as we would have liked with worrying about catching the bus back in time for the return sail. we were a mixed bunch, some liking to party late while others wanted to be fresh for the city visit on the Saturday. i was lucky to be sharing a 2 berth with a young girl who wanted to be with her mates which meant i had the room to myself for relaxation just before turning in about 11pm. ship prices were in line with the city of amsterdam’s which in turn were in line i think with our capital london. all in all i think the crew were very helpful and friendly and the security people wont suffer fools gladly. definately going to look into a longer trip next time, save and prepare for that time.

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