Poland is situated at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe. It is a nation steeped in rich history, vibrant culture, and resilient spirit. With a land area spanning diverse landscapes, from the Baltic Sea coastline to the picturesque Tatra Mountains, Poland offers a tapestry of natural beauty. Its storied past, marked by triumphs and trials. This is evident in its medieval architecture, poignant memorials, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the royal splendor of Krakow’s Wawel Castle to the haunting echoes of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland bears witness to the complexities of human experience. Today, as a member of the European Union, Poland embraces modernity while cherishing its heritage. Making it a captivating destination for travelers and a dynamic player on the global stage.

Travelling to Poland by Ferry from the UK

There are currently no ferries sailing between the UK and Poland

However, you can still reach Poland by ferry using either our Newcastle to Amsterdam or Hull to Rotterdam routes and continue to enjoy safe and relaxing ferry travel to mainland Europe.

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Travelling to Poland by Ferry from Europe

If your traveling to Poland, you can currently sail directly from Sweden using Stena Line.

If you are sailing from Poland to Sweden, you can take the Karlskrona to Gdynia route. Sailing onboard the Stena Ebba, Stena Estelle or Stena Spirit. The crossing takes 9 hours and 30 minutes, with three crossings daily.

Where to Visit in Poland

Krakow is Poland’s cultural capital, is a city where the past seamlessly intertwines with the present. Its cobblestone streets are lined with majestic medieval architecture. Including the iconic Wawel Castle and the stunning Rynek Glowny, Europe’s largest medieval market square.

Gdansk is a port city on Poland’s Baltic coast, embodies a captivating blend of maritime history and contemporary allure. With its picturesque waterfront, meticulously restored Hanseatic architecture, and bustling atmosphere, Gdansk invites visitors to stroll along its historic streets and explore its diverse cultural offerings.

Warsaw is Poland’s capital, stands as a testament to resilience and renewal. Once ravaged by war, the city has risen from its ashes to become a dynamic metropolis pulsating with energy. Its diverse neighborhoods showcase a blend of architectural styles, from the reconstructed Old Town’s medieval charm to the modern skyscrapers of downtown, while its cultural scene, vibrant nightlife, and thriving economy make it a vibrant hub of activity in Central Europe.

Gdynia is nestled along Poland’s Baltic Sea coast, is a bustling maritime city renowned for its modernity and maritime heritage. Its sleek harbor, bustling waterfront promenade, and maritime museum celebrate the city’s deep connection to the sea, while its vibrant cultural scene, including festivals, concerts, and art exhibitions, adds a dynamic flair to this coastal gem.

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