Ferries from Larne to Cairnryan In Scotland

Ferries from Larne to Cairnryan In Scotland

The Larne to Cairnryan ferry is operated by P&O Ferries. The service connects the east of Northern Ireland with the south west of Scotland.

There are up seven sailing each day which gets you to Scotland in just 2 hours. In the summer months the express service also operates making your journey time even shorter.

Larne to Cairnryan

Car & 4 passengers from £217
6 sailings per day       Sailing time: 2 hours

The ferry route is served by three ships. The European Causeway and The European Highlander carry out the majority of the crossings and the journey will take 2 hours on these ships. The final vessel serving this Northern Ireland to Scotland route is the P&O Express fastcraft which takes just over an hour to speed you across the sea between Larne and Cairnryan.

If you are planning a self drive holiday to Scotland, a trip to Glasgow or even if you are just one of the many people who need to commute home or to work, then the Larne to Cairnryan connection really is an excellent and cost effective way of travelling.

Arriving in Cairnryan

Arriving in Cairnryan you are less than a 2 hour drive to Glasgow and just an hour from Ayr. The nearest train station to the Cairnryan ferry port is in Stranraer, which is around 4 miles from the port, there is a regular bus service to and from the station as well as Stranraer town center.

On board you will find plenty of dining options, from breakfasts to traditional fish and chips in the on-board Food Court, you can enjoy freshly prepared hot meals, salads and snacks from around the world, including delicious curries and tasty sandwiches, as well as all your favourite hot and cold drinks.

Alternative Sailings to Cairnryan

Car & 4 passengers from £199
6 sailings per day       Sailing time: 2hr 15m

If your heading for Glasgow, why not see what’s happening there on the local events website Whats on in Glasgow and if you have are taking the kids why not check out Glasgow With Kids.

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      12 thoughts on “Ferries from Larne to Cairnryan In Scotland

        1. Hi Marc

          Just looking at the P&O Ferries website, it would appear you do not need to specify taking bikes onto this route. I’ve linked the page for Larne to Cairnryan, so you can see the info for yourself. I hope this helps.

      1. Hi, What are the requirements for travelling with our cat. She has an EU passport – will this be accepted for both legs of the trip, e.g. arrival in Cairnryan and the return to Larne. I am concerned about the passport not being valid in the UK as we are travelling from ROI to Larne. Also can we take her on the P&O Express fastcraft and do we need to leave her in our car? I have read everything but want to be doubly sure I have understood. Thanks for your help.

        1. Hi Joanna

          I’ve made a link to show all the information for TRAVELLING WITH A CAT on P&O Ferries. Here it explain exactly what the travel requirements are. As well as where your cat will remain (in this case it is in your car). I hope this helps.

      2. Just wanted to know what ID is required to travel in my car between Larne and Cairnryan 2 adults 2 children. I’ve been given different versions with some people saying I need passports for the 2 children and others saying all I need is my drivers licence. I’d just like to know before I decide whether to book

        1. Hi Neil

          Thank you for getting in touch.

          Passports and Identification is always a tricky question to answer. This will depend on which route you are taking. But as a general rule of thumb – yes, it’s a good idea to bring passports and identification.

          If you are a British / Irish citizen travelling across the Irish Sea you do not need a valid passport. However, you will need to bring a form of identification with you. This can one of the following items:

          A valid passport.
          photographic driving license.
          International Student Card.
          government issued photo ID card.
          health insurance/social security photographic card.
          photographic bus/train pass.
          EU Citizen Identity Card will usually suffice.
          A birth certificate will provide adequate proof of identity for children (17 years and under with no photographic identification) to travel on our sailings.
          If you are a British / Irish citizen travelling to mainland Europe you must bring a valid passport.

          If you are not a British / Irish citizen, you will need a passport.

          *Remember the name on your passport must match your booking.

          * Remember passports must be valid for at least 6 months past the date of return.

          I Hope this helps.

        1. Hi Ivor

          Thank you for getting in touch.

          Yes, you can take your dog on as a foot passenger. They have to be pre-booked onboard. So you will have to state at the time of booking that your Dog is going to go into the onboard kennels. As you are a foot passenger, your dog will have to go here.

          Kennels can be pre-booked at no extra charge. Please note that we have a limited number of kennels available. You must advise us that you intend to bring a pet in advance of travel when you book.

          It may be possible to arrange to visit the kennels mid-voyage to check on your dog. Visits depend on the availability and discretion of the crew. You therefore need to prepare in such a way which ensures he/she is comfortable and happy during the journey. Any food or water your pet will require during the crossing you will have to take with you.

          Under the EU pet movement system, all pet dogs, cats and ferrets moving between EU Member States must meet the same animal health rules. All pets travelling between the Republic of Ireland and the UK or Continental Europe and between the UK and Continental Europe must be micro chipped and accompanied by a pet passport. Please note it is your responsibility to provide all necessary documents and make all arrangements including where necessary quarantine, to satisfy all legal requirements.

          I hope this helps.

      3. hi, I am looking for a return trip from larne to cairnryan for one driver and car and was wondering what had happened to the 23.59 sailings?

        1. Hi Jo

          We are a little confused by your comment. The 23.59 sailing from Larne to Cairnryan (and vice versa) is operational and available to book. What exactly is your issue and we will try to help?

      4. Need information on Ferry from Larne to Cairnryan (return) for 2 adult passengers and car please. Thank you

        1. Hi Catherine

          Thanks for getting in touch. What kind of information exactly is it you are looking for? Is it, whether or not it is possible to take a car and two passengers on this journey? Then the answer is yes? Is it to do with costings? This will all depend on the dates and times that you wish to travel on. If you get back in touch with a little more detail, I would be happy to help you out further.

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