Ferry from Liverpool to Dublin in Ireland

Ferry from Liverpool to Dublin in Ireland

As of December 2023, the Liverpool to Dublin ferry route will no longer operate from P&O Ferries.

However, if you’re looking to travel to Ireland by ferry, you can still reach your destination via our P&O ferry route from Cairnryan to Larne. This alternative route offers convenient options for both foot passengers and those travelling with vehicles.

Alternative routes to Dublin and alternative routes from Liverpool are listed below:

Alternative Routes to Dublin

Car & 4 passengers from £255
4 sailings per day       Sailing time: 3hr 15m
Car & 4 passengers from £253
4 sailings per day       Sailing time: 3hr 15m

Alternative Routes From Liverpool

Car & 4 passengers from £231
2 sailings per day       Sailing time: 8 hours

Once you arrive in Ireland with your car you’ll find the rest of the country easily accessible by road. The appeal of Dublin is now well known to most folk in Europe. But venture into the landscapes beyond and you’ll be amazed at the natural beauty and traditional hospitality on offer. From the lakes of Killarney to the towering cliffs of Donegal.

Students Travel For Free – Liverpool to Dublin Offer with P&O Ferries

Students travel for free on selected sailings when travelling with a vehicle and adult between the 11th February and 16th December 2021 on our Liverpool to Dublin route.

Relax knowing we have your journey covered, from onboard facilities to outside deck space, you’ll have everything you need. Plus, when you travel on our Liverpool to Dublin route your meals are included in the price of your ticket! With no baggage limits when travelling with a car, travelling by ferry means your loved ones can also bring as much as they like home with them, at no extra cost.

Have a look at our P&O Special Offers – Students Travel For Free – Liverpool to Dublin Offers page for all the details.

6 thoughts on “Ferry from Liverpool to Dublin in Ireland

    1. Hi Chichi

      Thank you for getting in touch. Yes, an unvaccinated 16 year old can travel to Ireland. I am assuming for the purpose of this post that they are a British National.

      They will need:
      1) Passport
      2) Fill out a Passenger Locator Form
      3) To have a negative RT-PCR test, taken within 72 hours prior to arrival to travel. (This applies to children aged 12-17).

      I Hope this helps.

  1. Well. it seesm that because I’m a senior citizen I have to contact you directly! How ridiculous. I’m neither infirm or disabled, so I see this as age discriination.

    1. Hi Judith

      I can only apologise if you have been offended by the P&O Post. I can only assume you are referring to the pop up message which appears when you click next to book? “Norbay & Norbank & Endeavour are not suitable for disabled, elderly, or passengers with infants”. This message comes directly from P&O Ferries and not from the team here at Ferry To Europe. It is designed to alert you to potential issues due to the layout of certain ships, which may hinder some peoples movements around the vessel. Therefore it would be better to arrange travel on another vessel to save any potential issues or waste money on booking a ticket which you aren’t able to travel on. Unfortunately you will have to contact P&O Ferries directly, here is their UK call centre telephone number: 01304 44 88 88. Once again we can only apologise on behalf of P&O Ferries if their post has have caused you any distress. We here at Ferry To Europe value all our customers, and take onboard all feedback (whether good or bad) which is given to us, in the hope to improve our service. Thank you.

    1. Hi Elaine

      This will depend on your nationality. If you are a British / Irish citizen travelling across the Irish Sea you do not need a valid passport. However, it is advised you bring a form of identification with you. Have a look at our Passport and Identification for more information. I hope this helps.

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