Ferry from Ramsgate to Ostend in Belgium

Ferry from Ramsgate to Ostend in Belgium
Sail to Ostend

Transeuropa FerriesThe ferry crossing between Ramsgate and Ostend has now closed. The Belgian firm TransEuropa suspended all sailings after the company went into administration in April 2013.

Alternative sailings from Dover

Dover to France Ferries

Car & 4 passengers from £45
10 sailings per day       Sailing time: 1h 30m
Car & 4 passengers from £63
23 sailings per day       Sailing time: 1h 30m
Car & 4 passengers from £49
12 sailings per day       Sailing time: 2 hours


Car & 4 passengers from £60
40+ sailings per day       Sailing time: 35m

Ferries to Belgium …. The closure of this route leaves just one passenger ferry connection between the UK and Belgium after the 2011 closure of the Rosyth to zeebruggee ferry. The last ferry to Belgium from the UK is an overnight ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge.

The last ferry to Belgium

Car & 4 passengers from £229
1 sailings per day       Sailing time: 13 hours

The route was operated TransEuropa Ferries and connected the south east of England with Belgium. There was a total of 8 daily sailings between Ramsgate and Ostend and the crossing took roughly 4 hours.

TransEuropa Ferries offer you up to four daily crossings to Ostend in Belgium, sailing from Ramsgate in England. This route is for people traveling in a vehicle and does not take regular foot passengers.

Ferry to Ostend
Sail to Ostend

With excellent road links, Ramsgate is perfect if you are traveling from London or anywhere in the South East.

If your final destination is Ostend, this fantastic cosmopolitan city and seaside resort has over five and a half miles of sandy beeches and is the gateway to the Flemish coastline. However if you are traveling further into Belgium it is also only 20 miles from Bruges and from there the whole of Europe is accessible on some of the finest motorways in the world.

The route is served by two modern vessels, the Ostend Spirit and the Larkspur. Onboard you’ll find dining and bar facilities. There is ample comfortable seating and you’ll also find kids’ areas, Internet access (Ostend Spirit only) and games / arcade room.

9 thoughts on “Ferry from Ramsgate to Ostend in Belgium

    1. Hi Samantha

      This route is unfortunately closed, as is the Hull to Zeebrugge Route. To Travel to Belgium you would have to travel via Holland or France. Unfortunately we are not able to give you a price for using the car park. I’m sorry we cannot be of more service.

  1. Damned annoying one can no longer sail from Rams/Dover to Ostend, or so it seems, as this cuts out a hugely long, not to mention flat and boring, drive from to Calais to Bruge.

    Mind you, had the company survived, one suspects that many of the Dover to Calais routes would have lost business.

    So, how exactly does one sail from the UK to Ostend, or with it being the the UK, have we managed to mess that up too.

  2. I wish to travel to Bruge from ramsgate. Im worried about driving on the other side of the road when I get to ostend. Is there a car park in ostend where I can leave my car for 3 nights? or is it a relatively straight journey to Bruge from Ostend?
    Any thoughts you might have on this issue would be appreciated

    1. Hi Anthony. If you drive in Britain, then driving in Belgium should be relatively simple for you. You will get used to driving on the right (“wrong”) side of the road quickly.

      The journey from Ostend to Bruge is straight forward and should only take 30 minutes and the majority of the route is on the very straight A10 road.

      If you would still prefer to park, there is short and long term parking at the port in Ostend, you can get a direct train from Ostend to Bruge and it takes just 14 minutes.

  3. Do you take foot passenger fares from Ramsgate to Ostend please?
    We wish to travel to Bruges and will take onward transport from Ostend as we do not wish to drive. We want to travel in early July for approx 3 days there. Many Thanks

    1. The Ramsgate to Ostend ferry only accepts passengers traveling in a standard motorised vehicle e.g. cars, motorcycles, motorhomes

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