If you’ve ever wondered why people talk about the luck of the Irish, visit Ireland and everything will become clear. The ´Emerald Isle´ is blessed with raking mountainscapes reflecting in the waters of shimmering lakes. Rolling hills that cascade down onto picturesque medieval cities and a wealth of mystical history that goes back to before time began.

Travelling to Ireland by Ferry

You are spoilt for choice of ferries to Ireland from the UK. You can sail from Scotland, England or Wales over to Ireland.

Ferries to Ireland

Car & 4 passengers from £253
2 sailings per day       Sailing time: 3hr 30m
Car & 4 passengers from £253
4 sailings per day       Sailing time: 3hr 15m
Car & 4 passengers from £255
4 sailings per day       Sailing time: 3hr 15m
Car & 4 passengers from £255
2 sailings per day       Sailing time: 4 hours

Where to visit in the Republic of Ireland

Dublin is rated as one of the top destinations in Europe with its dirge of lively bars and cosmopolitan restaurants. It’s opulent mansion houses and the best pint of Guinness anywhere in the world. This multi-cultural city is full of surprises and with an eclectic nightlife and tub-thumping pubs is a real party town.

The former Viking settlement of Limerick with its dominating 12th century Norman castle offers a fascinating blend of medieval and modern day.

The cool, bohemian vibe of Galway is also a center for art. With a wealth of traditional theatres staging classics from home grown writers. Whilst its quaint medieval streets bustle with lively markets. Its traditional pubs provide a seductive atmosphere of eclectic entertainment that captivate visitors.

The unassuming charms of Kilkenny boast a proud heritage of historical glory wrapped around rolling hills offering a host of outdoor pursuits and natural beauty. It´s heritage for expert craftsmanship provides an interesting array of handicraft shops to explore. Whilst its comedy festival is good enough to rival Edinburgh.

Where to visit in Northern Ireland

Belfast is Northern Ireland’s capital and is famous for the birthplace of the ill fated RMS Titanic. Bustling with top-class restaurants, incredible nightlife, and a packed history down every street. Belfast is a deeply cultured city with a great deal to offer its visitors.

The real Ireland though lies further afield in the picturesque cities of Cork and Newry with the patriot claims, infectious sense of humour and penchant for traditional music. The grand Georgian parades and spectacular architectural masterpieces of Cork are eye-catching to say the least whilst Newry’s ancient origins are a hotbed for modern festivals.

Yet another city steeped in history and is reveling despite the troubles of its recent past is Londonderry. The scene of tragic deaths and bloody encounters has risen like the fabled Phoenix to be named the Cultural Capital of the UK for 2013 with its award-winning museums and origins of ancient history.

But it´s not just the charm of magical settings you find in Ireland that excites it´s visitors, nor is the sumptuous cuisine and thrilling night scene, but the friendliness of the locals, their humorous quips, their proud traditions and their bustling energy. It´s the Irish that make Ireland such a great place to visit.

Hotels near Irish Ports

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