On face value, Dublin doesn’t have the eye-catching appeal of other major European cities. Yet it’s jumble of architecture captures both the enigmatic charm of its sociable and charismatic character. Add to this the influx of multi-cultured influences and Dublin ranks amongst the best destinations in Europe. And then you have the Dubliners of course; friendly, funny and great entertainment.

Look out across Dublin from the top of the tower in the Guinness Museum and you will understand why Dublin is coined, “Dirty Ole Town.” The green-topped domed of the cathedral has faded from recognition, twentieth century chimneys choke plumes of smoke into the air. Yet the views of panoramic and away from the city centre the natural beauty is quite magical; the open emerald fields, the clusters of dense trees and the sparkle of sunlight glistening of the River Liffey. And of course, a pint of the black stuff in the Guinness Tower is the best you will ever taste.

At ground level Dublin doesn’t look so grubby. The opulent castles and 18th century baroque mansions are as pleasing to the eye as colourful parades and street performers. Housed in a majestic building that was a former hospital, the Irish Museum of Modern Art is not to be missed if the weird and wonderful world of contemporary art is to your liking. History buffs should head for the National Museum of Ireland Archaeology where you will discover fascinating artefact’s dating as far back as the ancient Celts.

Social side of the city

But what most people go to Dublin for is the eclectic nightlife and with the intimacy of packed Irish pubs having a good old fashioned knees-up when a small group of punters arouse the whole bar when they strike a chord with a guitar, a violin and a mouth organ, entertainment doesn’t get any better. Live music can be found in most traditional pubs, so if you´re wanting a more peaceful atmosphere head for a wine bar or cocktail lounge and steer away from Temple Bar.

There are lots of great restaurants in Dublin, but there are also equally bad ones. The best way to avoid the bad ones is to avoid eating around the tourist traps and ask the friendly locals which restaurants they would recommend. But Dublin is a vibrant city that has attracted people from all over the world resulting in a multi-cultural hub of mouth-watering cuisine and a wide choice of international restaurants. One thing that is certain in Dublin is you won´t be disappointed by your visit.

Ferries to Dublin from the UK

You are spoilt for choice of ferries to Ireland from the UK. You can sail direct to Dublin from Holyhead in Wales or Liverpool in England. However there are many more ferries to Ireland from the UK that get you within a few hours drive of Dublin, including ferries from Scotland.

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