Ferries to Scotland

Ferries to Scotland

If your traveling to Scotland, then you currently can sail from Belfast and Larne using P&O Ferries and Stena Line. Below is a list of all the current ferries to Scotland.

Ferries to Scotland

Car & 4 passengers from £199
6 sailings per day       Sailing time: 2hr 15m
Car & 4 passengers from £188
6 sailings per day       Sailing time: 2 hours

Travelling to Scotland by ferry is a short 2 hour crossing from Northern Ireland.

As well as direct ferries there are number of other options. You could try either a ferry to England or a ferry to Wales and make the drive up to Scotland. England, Scotland and Wales are all linked with a great motorway network.

If your taking your dog or small pet with you on your travels, then you are in luck because all ferries allow you to travel with dogs and small animals. Each ferry operator has its own policy and usually offer kennels for dogs, with smaller animals remaining in your vehicle during the crossing.

If your planning a trip to the Scotland soon, then why not have a look at our Scotland Destination Guide as well as our individual city guides for some of Scotland’s great cities, including Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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