Destination Guides

Destination Guides

When you travel by ferry from the UK to mainland Europe or Ireland your choice of destination is vast. With 100’s of Europe’s top towns and cities just a few hours drive from the many European ports that serve Great Britain, there’s is no better way to travel.

Where ever you choose to go, taking your own car will give you the chance to really explore that country and see so much more than you would if you went on another boring package holiday.

Where to go?

Belgium – Belgium is the undiscovered jewel in the crown of Western Europe, you may have visited Brussels, but there is so much more to explore including Bruges, Antwerp and Charleroi.

France – France is often described as the gateway to Europe. With its glamorous cites, picturesque villages, breath taking landscapes, all steeped in art and history, why not visit ones of Europe’s most popular destinations, such as Paris or Bordeaux

Germany – Forget the stereotypical Germany that is often portrayed in the media, arrogance, bad food and don’t mention the war. The 21st century German is a modern vibrant land with some of Europe’s best cities including Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart.

Holland – There are currently three ferries sailing direct from the UK to Holland and with amazing cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague it’s easy to understand why Holland is extremely popular with UK ferry travellers.

Ireland – The famous emerald isle, steeped in history and culture everywhere you look. With its two capitals of Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Dublin (Republic of Ireland) offering a host of shops and nightlife, why not try some of its other famous cities. Derry and Newry (Northern Ireland), Cork, Galway, Kilkenny and Limerick (Republic of Ireland) to explore this beautiful land.  

Spain – One of Britain’s favorite destinations for sun, sea and fun. Steeped in history and culture, the country offers the perfect blend cultural activities and relaxation. With golden white sand beaches, clear blue seas and dramatic green landscapes, this country can offer it all. This modern country offers some of Europe’s most popular destinations, including Madrid and Barcelona.  

Discover Europe By Ferry

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