St Asaph

St Asaph

St Asaph is located in the North of Wales and is the second smallest city in Britain in terms of population and urban area.

St Asaph Cathedral is one of the oldest Cathedral’s in Wales. It was built by in AD560 by St Kentigern. When he returned to Strathclyde in AD573 he left Asaph as his successor. Visitors can meander through the nave and chapels to view the many interesting features including: ‘The Naked Christ’ – a thought provoking sculpture by Michelle Coxon and The William Morgan bible – the first bible to be translated into Welsh.

Brynbella Gardens is made up of many smaller gardens all linked together. There is a woodland garden, walled garden, three water gardens, a gravel garden (winner of British Association of Landscaping Industries award), plus formal and informal areas of planting. These beautiful gardens are full of meandering paths leading you around each of the “rooms”, (as they are referred to) allowing you to enjoy each distinct style.

Bible translators’ memorial is situated outside St Asaph Cathedral on commemorates the moment in Welsh history when the Bible was first translated into Welsh. This is an important moment in Welsh history as many believe it saved one of Europe’s oldest languages from decline or oblivion.

Situated in a neighbouring town of Dyserth is Dyserth Waterfall. This is where the Afon (river) Ffyddion falls some 70 feet on its way to the River Clwyd. It is a short circular walk up to the falls passing two massive pairs of walls which were built to support a water wheel which would have been driven by water diverted from above the waterfall. Although legend has it that the medieval walls housed a giant, so be careful when walking through.

Travelling to St Asaph by Ferry

The closest ferry port to St Asaph is Holyhead Ferry Terminal. This ferry terminal is approximately 91km away (57miles) which would be a pleasant drive allowing you to explore the Welsh countryside, taking around 1 hour.

There is actually three separate Welsh to ferry ports that will get you within a 4 hours drive of St Asaph. Where ever you live in the world, driving to St Asaph should be easy with ferries arriving into Wales from the Republic of Ireland.