Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen in France

Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen in France

The Portsmouth to Caen ferry connection is operated by Brittany Ferries, the route is served by two ferries offering you the choice of a day or overnight cruise which takes 6 to 7 hours.

Portsmouth to Caen is Brittany Ferries’ most popular route due to the conveniently placed ports with excellent road links.

Portsmouth to Caen

Car & 4 passengers from £139
3 sailings per day       Sailing time: 5hr 45m

Brittany Ferries have two ships operating on Caen Portsmouth ferry crossing with up to three sailings per day. The two cruise ferries, the Mont St Michel and the Normandie operate all year round and cruise you over to France and back in a 6 to 7 hour crossing.

There are usually three sailings each day from Portsmouth, a morning, afternoon and overnight sailing (some days during non-peak season there are just two daily sailings)

The Mont St Michel and the Normandie are large cruise ships with lots of facilities and capacity. The Portsmouth to Caen crossing may be longer than other Portsmouth to France dailings, but whilst on-board you can simply relax and enjoy the crossing. If you choose the overnight sailing then you will have the choice of cabin so you can really relax and arrive in the morning fresh for the next stage of your journey, whatever that may be.

The French motorway network is easily accessed from port of Caen and provides a fast route to Paris, the Loire and Southern France

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