Ferry from Pembroke to Rosslare in Ireland

Ferry from Pembroke to Rosslare in Ireland

The Pembroke Rosslare ferry is operated by Irish Ferries and connects Wales and the UK with the stunning landscape of Southern Ireland.

Pembroke to Rosslare

Car & 4 passengers from £200
2 sailings per day       Sailing time: 3hr 30m       Foot passengers from £32
Car & 4 passengers from £184
2 sailings per day       Sailing time: 4 hours       Foot passengers from £31

Travel port to port in 4 hours onboard one of Europe’s largest, modern and best equipped car ferries.

Rosslare is the perfect destination for anyone who is  exploring the beautiful landscape and patchwork-like scenery of southern Ireland.

When you sail to Rosslare with Irish ferries you journey on-board The Isle of Inishmore, it’s one of Europe’s largest, modern and best equipped car ferries, with a capacity to carry 2,200 passengers and 856 cars.  You will  find a host of facilities on-board including restaurants, video and electronic games, children’s play area, two large lounge bars and a shop.

The Pembroke Dock, on the South Western tip of Wales is situated close to the M4 making it the ideal port if you are travelling to or from London, the South of England or the Channel Ports.

Rosslare Ferry Port is situated in the south-eastern corner of Ireland and is ideally placed for those travelling to anywhere in the republic of Ireland. With good access to the N25 road which will take you into midland south and south west of Ireland or you can easily travel north to Dublin via the N11.

Whether you are traveling from Pembroke to Rosslare or back from Ireland to Pembroke, both Wales and Ireland offer great holidays. When in Ireland why not discover Cork which was included in the Lonely list of ‘Best in Travel 2010’. If you are visiting Wales you can explore the beautiful Brecon Beacons or even hit the two major Welsh cities Swansea or Cardiff.

13 thoughts on “Ferry from Pembroke to Rosslare in Ireland

  1. Can you please give me the cost of a 52 seater coach to travel from Pembroke to Rosslare and return. Does it become cheaper with more coaches?


    Duncan Harding

  2. Yes you can take your dog on the ferry. There are rules for pet travel that must be followed and your dog will have to stay in your vehicle or the on-board kennels. There is currently no charge for dogs on routes from UK to Ireland.

    1. can we visit our dog in the car when travelling.

      How much does it cost to have a cabin and can our little dog stay with us.

      1. Yes you are usually allowed to check on your dog. Your dog is not allowed on any passenger deck, they must be booked into the onboard kennals or stay in your car.

  3. My daughter, born in UK would like to take her 3 children to Ireland for a few days. She has a passport, the children, who have their Father’s surname, do not have passports, do they need them?

    1. You will need to check with the ferry company you choose to travel with on their exact policy. But in general British or Irish citizens travelling on the Irish Sea routes do not need a passport to travel to Britain or Ireland but are advised to take a form of identity. A driving licence, citizenship card or utility bill will usually suffice. A birth certificate will usually provide adequate proof of identity for your children.

  4. do the ferries cross from rosslare to pembroke on a daily basis and how much does it cost for a foot passenger kind regards paul kelly

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