Jurmala emerges as a beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation in Latvia’s coastal landscape. Renowned for its expansive sandy beaches and therapeutic mineral waters, Jurmala has long been celebrated as a premier resort destination. Beyond its natural allure, Jurmala captivates with its charming wooden architecture, lush pine forests, and vibrant cultural scene. Whether immersing oneself in the healing waters of local spas, exploring the historic charm of its resort towns. Or indulging in a variety of recreational activities, Jurmala promises a tranquil escape amidst breathtaking natural beauty and seaside serenity.

Travelling to by ferry from the UK

There are currently no ferries sailing between the UK and Latvia.

However, you can still reach Latvia by ferry using either our Newcastle to Amsterdam or Hull to Rotterdam routes and continue to enjoy safe and relaxing ferry travel to mainland Europe.

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Travelling to Jurmala by ferry from outside the UK

The closest ferry port to Jurmala is Ventspils Ferry Terminal. This ferry terminal is approximately 160km away (100 miles) which would be a pleasant drive allowing you to explore the Latvian countryside, taking around 2 hours. There is one other ferry terminal in Latvia which will get you within a 2 hour drive to Ventspils.

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