Vantaa has a museum at Heureka, which is an interactive museum with indoor and outdoor exhibits. This makes it perfect to entertain the little ones. In addition to over 200 exhibits, there is a play park and a planetarium. It is filled with fun live shows and games which the kids can get involved. A great day out for all the family.

The Flamingo Spa and waterpark is another great place for all the family to spend and enjoy the day. The park is divided into two parts meaning everyone can have fun without annoying anyone else. The kids have a separate area for splashing around enjoying all the waterslides. Whilst the adults can chill out and relax with a well earned spa and massage in another area.

The Finnish Aviation Museum is a museum exhibiting the history and artefacts of aviation from across Finland.. You can view actual, replica or accurate reproduction aircrafts. In addition, you can view exhibits that include photographs, maps, models, dioramas. Not to mention, clothing and equipment used by aviators.

The Fazer Experience Visitor Centre will bring joy to any chocolate fan of any age. Here you will learn how the famous chocolates are made and how it’s breads get their unique taste. Tours for the centre take approximately an hour. The tour guide will tell you about the history and products of Fazer, as well as some of their new innovation ideas. 

Travelling to Vantaa by Ferry

Unfortunately there are no direct ferries from the UK to Finland. There are no direct ferries operating between Britain and Scandinavia in general.

However, you can still reach Finland by ferry using either our Newcastle to Amsterdam or Hull to Rotterdam routes. Then continue to enjoy safe and relaxing drive through mainland Europe, then onto Scandinavia.