Helsinki is the capital of Finland, it is a vibrant seaside city. It is made up of not only beautiful islands but great green urban areas. Helsinki marches to a wonderful and unique beat of its own. It has dynamic food, design and architecture.

You can’t think of Finland without thinking of the word sauna. Throughout Helsinki you can find many urban sauna’s to visit. They range from old-school bathing houses to trendy new seaside spas. In other words there really is a sauna to suit everyone. A must do experience for anyone visiting Finland.

Built it in the mid-19th century St. Nicholas’ Cathedral was built to honour of the Russian Tsar Nicholas I. He was the Grand Duke of Finland. After Finnish independence in 1917 it simply became Helsinki Cathedral. Today this Evangelical Lutheran cathedral is famous for its white exterior with a tall green dome. It’s presence dominates the landscape and skyline of the city. The Cathedral also houses a small shop and café. Making it a wonderful place to stop and taking in the architecture.

Outdoor place to visit

Only a few minutes ferry ride from Kauppatori, is the World UNESCO site of Suomenlinna. It’s a giant maritime fortress spread across seven islands. Construction began in the mid-18th century, when Finland was still part of Sweden. The fortress was shaped by three historic eras. Firstly, when it helped to defend against Sweden. Secondly when it defended against Russia. Thirdly when it gained its independence. Today the islands are still inhabited by around 1000 people. As a matter of fact, it’s the perfect place to learn all about the naval history of the area.

The Seurasaari island provides the perfect setting for outdoor recreation. Famous for it’s Open-Air Museum of Seurasaari. It comprises of traditional cottages, farmsteads and manors. Over the past four centuries they have been relocated from all around Finland to this island. The museum is open all year round. If you visit in the summer you will find trained guides which are dressed in traditional garb. They will tell you about life and work in rural Finland over the last 400 years. A lovely day out for all the family to enjoy.

Travelling to Helsinki by Ferry

There are no direct ferries from the UK to Finland. There are no direct ferries operating between Britain and Scandinavia in general.

However, you can still reach Finland by ferry using either our Newcastle to Amsterdam or Hull to Rotterdam routes. Then continue to enjoy safe and relaxing drive into mainland Europe, then into Scandinavia.