Situated on the French-German border divided by the river Rhine, this city is the perfect blend of both cultures. With both nations influence being seen in its history, architecture and food.

Strasbourg proudly boasts to being one of the four main European capitals which houses the European Parliament (The others include: Brussels, Luxemburg and Frankfurt). Why not visit this iconic building, walk the corridors, see the debating chambers and learn how this great institution works.

High up on the list of places to visit here includes the Strasbourg Cathedral. Famous for its gothic architecture and rose window. It’s true uniqueness lies in it only having one spire, which was extremely unusual at the time of construction. This cathedral also boast an astronomical clock which Swiss watchmakers, sculptors, painters and creators all worked together to bring to life.

Another couple of places worth visiting in Strasbourg is the Ponts Couverts area and the Barrage Vauban (or Vauban Dam, in English) which both date back to medieval times. Both were built as defensive mechanisms to protect the city. The Ponts Couverts, divided the River III into five parts, which could be independently flooded, stopping the attack of an invading army. These became obsolete after the Barrage Vauban was built. The Barrage Vauban was built as the city’s principal lock, which had the capacity to flood the entire southern end of the city if attacked.

Another popular tourist attraction in Strasbourg is La Petite France. It is one of the most photogenic areas of the city famed for its cobbled streets, canals and half timber houses. It was where millers, tanners and fishermen made their trade. With these quaint old structures all around you, you will feel like you have stepped back in time.