Bilbao, an port city in northern Spain. It is considered to be a treasure of the Basque region due to its stunning architecture surrounded by stunning green landscapes.

No visit to the city would be complete without stopping at the World Famous Guggenheim Museum.  It is a museum of modern and contemporary art designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. Famous for its striking architecture, why not snap a selfie with Maman (a giant metal spider created by Louise Bourgeois) or Puppy (a giant floral dog created by Jeff Koons).

If you want to see what life was like in the past for Bilbao, you should wander The Casco Viejo or Old Town, which comprises the original seven streets that were the medieval town itself. This unique area seamlessly blends the old with the new: shopping, history, art, culture and, of course, Basque cuisine.

The Basque region offers its own unique take of tapas in the form of Pintox. The secret to eating Pintxos like a local is to master the Txikiteoa Basque-style food crawl, where you eat a few Pintox’s and a glass of wine at each stop. Pintox differs from tapas, in that it is not shared, its is often finished in one or two mouthfuls. Typically it comprises of delicious toppings served on bread.

Travelling to Bilbao by Ferry

The closest ferry port to Bilbao is Bilbao Ferry Terminal.

The other ferry terminal of Santander is situated 92km (58 miles) from Bilbao which is approximately 1 hour 5 minute drive. Where ever you live in the world, driving to Bilbao should be easy with ferries arriving into Spain from England and the Republic of Ireland.