Covid – 19 Updates

Covid – 19 Updates

General (Information Correct from 29th November 2021)

We encourage all travellers to check with each operator prior to travelling what their exact advice is for travelling. But in general:

All operators have put in place increased measures of protection across their fleets to help reassure the public it is as safe to travel. Face masks are now MANDATORY onboard all vessels. Upon boarding and disembarking the vessel you will have to answer a few health questions. If you show signs of COVID or start to feel unwell onboard you may not be allowed to enter / leave the country. Social Distancing measures have been put in place (reduced capacity, floor markings, plexiglass screens) as well as increased cleaning and hygiene measures (increased cleaning frequency, increased hand cleaning opportunities, no recirculation for air systems). Where possible you will be asked to pay by card rather then by cash.

Certain routes continue to operate their schedules for playing a critical role in the supply chain and facilitating essential travel. So if you do not see your preferred route yet, please check back again soon.

In the event of any cancelations made through the website, the ferry operator will contact you directly to discuss the available options.

From the team here at Ferry To Europe we would like to thank you for your continuous support during these times.


The rules around wearing masks for each country is about to changed on 29th November. For example in Scotland it is still a legal requirement to wear masks in public places, whereas in England it will only apply to certain circumstances. We urge all travellers to follow the rules of the country in which they are in.

It may also remain that masks will be required for public transport, regardless of which country you are in. So please adhere to the rules and check prior to travel if they are required or not. As of today, it is still a requirement to wear face coverings onboard ferries.

To ensure the well being of both our guests and staff on board, operators have introduced a route wide face covering policy for passengers. All guests must wear face coverings at check-in, whilst boarding, and during disembarkation. This applies for both foot and car passengers, as well as freight drivers.

The following people are exempt from wearing a mask:

children under the age of 11 years (England, Wales)

children under the age of 13 years (Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland)

children under the age of 12 years (Scotland)

If you have a physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability that means you cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering, anyone for whom wearing or removing a face covering would cause severe distress.

People travelling with, or providing assistance to, someone who relies on lip reading to communicate.

We also highly encourage our guests to wear face coverings whilst moving around our spacious vessels. Face coverings do not need to be worn when guests are in their cabins, when guests are seated in a socially distanced manner or whilst social distancing on outside decks. There will also be specific announcements broadcast through the ships public address system with advice relating to local government requirements.

Devolved Nations Restrictions

Each country is taking a slightly different approach to to dealing with the global pandemic. So here is a quick summary for each country.

Scotland: On 19th July, the whole country will move to level 0. Some minor restrictions are still in place, these include a 12pm closure for hospitality and the continuing emphasis to work from home where possible. Mandatory face coverings will continue.

England: On 19th July, all restrictions will be lifted. There may be some instances where masks are still required, eg. on public transport.

Wales: On 7th August, the whole country will move to level 0. Some minor restrictions are still in place.

Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland is currently easing restrictions in a systematic approach.

Republic of Ireland: The Republic of Ireland is currently easing restrictions in a systematic approach.

Meeting With Others Safely

Depending on what country you are in, the guidance varies. So please check the Government website for accurate and up to date information. You are allowed to meet with people outside up to a certain number.


Many travellers this year will worry about the risk of having to quarantine upon arrival back in Britain. With information changing daily, and at very short notice. We encourage all travellers to check the government website for the most up to date information on travel quarantine between countries. In most cases you will face a 10 day quarantine in a hotel upon arrival into Britain.

Travel Operators

Below are links to some of our ferry operators and their advice about travel:


Irish Ferries:

P&O Ferries:

Stena Line: