Munich is a city to rival Berlin, touted as the place most Germans would choose to live. This Bavarian giant in the foothills of the Alps is brimming with attractions, nightlife and shopping.


The city centre is predominantly occupied by Karlsplatz and the pedestrian shopping zone leading to popular tourist hangout, Marienplatz Square. Visitor’s will find the magnificent Neues Rathaus here, which like most of Munich’s historical buildings. It was restored after the war, returning the architecture of the city back to its glory days of the 18th century. The Nymphenburg Palace is another main highlight. A complex of four miniature palaces with stunning rococo architecture and the famous Gallery of Beauties.

The museums and art galleries in Munich are among the finest in Europe. In fact, the modern gallery of art is considered to be one of the greatest collections of 20th and 21st century art in the world. Museum Brandhorst also holds an impressive array of contemporary works whilst the Konigsplatz has a superb collection from ancient Greece. For space and technology lovers, a must see is the BMW Museum and BMW World. A fascinating look at transport technology, vintage vehicles and a mesmerising insight to cars of the future.


Munich of course is home to the famous football team, Bayern, and their awe-inspiring stadium, the Allianz Arena. Likewise, the clubs former stadium, Olympiapark, is one of the city’s major landmarks with its striking tower dominating the skyline. In the vicinity are play areas and picnic spots scattered around an artificial lake that is circumnavigated by a mini-train. Dine in the Olympiaturm, a revolving restaurant providing stunning views across the city.


To experience the diverse and pulsating Munich nightlife, head for the former artist’s quarter, Schwabing. A fashionable district teeming with trendy bars, chic cafés and heaving clubs. Food and drink are relatively inexpensive and delicious global cuisines are in abundance, though the best restaurants are found away from the main tourist drag.

Travelling around Munich

Visitors to Munich should consider purchasing the CityTourCard, which allows unlimited travel to designated areas in the city centre and surrounding areas together with up to 50% reductions on admission charges for 35 attractions. Tickets are available from S-Bahn, trams and U-Bahn stations.

Munich is one of the most exciting destinations in Europe and the one place in Germany that doesn’t cast a stark reminder of the war.

Travelling to Munich by Ferry

Munich is one of the most south eastern cities in Germany making it along way from the western coastline of Europe. If your planning on taking the ferry to Munich from the UK, then you’ll be looking at at least a 7 hour drive through Europe.

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