Dover To Calais Ferries: Major Disruptions Due to French Strike

Dover To Calais Ferries: Major Disruptions Due to French Strike

Ferries between Dover and Calais have been cancelled and travellers are facing major delays because the port of Calais has been closed following strike action from French workers who have created a series of blockades, some dramatically on fire.

The strike action has been widely reported to have been from MyFerryLink workers, though all ferry operators and Eurotunnel services are affected.

Dover Harbour Board said,

The industrial action closed the Port of Calais in the early hours and all ferries to and from Dover were affected, apart from DFDS Seaways which was still running services to Dunkirk.

Though travellers sailing from Dover to Dunkirk are still more than likely to be affected as traffic around Dover builds as the queues increase. Operation Stack, where lorries are parked on the M20 and non-freight traffic diverted off the motorway, is expected to be implemented on the M20.

DFDS have tweeted recommending using the M2/A2 to travel to the Port of Dover

Anyone travelling on ferries or trains from dover or to Calais should check with their operators before travelling.

A Eurotunnel spokesman said the strike was expected to last until 20:00 local time (19:00 GMT), but the rail operator was trying to run as many trains as possible. He said

Port workers had blockaded the entrance to the Eurotunnel site and in consequence there had been motorway disruption and increased migrant activity with people trying to climb on to vehicles as well as break-in attempts.

All MyFerryLink sailings are cancelled today, they tweeted:

DFDS Seaways have tweeted that their Dover Calais sailings are all currently suspended.


P&O have released a press release and tweeted an advisement for all unessential travel to rebook for a later date.

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