Motherwell Fans Traveling to Odense

Motherwell Fans Traveling to Odense

Motherwell v OdenseScottish premier league football team Motherwell will play Danish side Odense Bk (Odense Boldklub) in the Europa League play-off on the 19th and 26th of August. They will play their second leg at home after travelling to Denmark a week earlier for the first leg.

For fans traveling to the game in Odense, you may be considering flying, but flying to Denmark to Scotland is not that cheap (over £400 for return flights in some cases) and will likely only get you to Copenhagen. A cheaper and potentially much better way of travelling to the game is via ferry.

Scotland only has one ferry connection to mainland Europe and that departs Scotland from Rosyth (near Edinburgh) and takes you to Zeebrugge in Belgium, which is almost 600 miles from Odense, it’s operated by Norfolkiline but this ferry is restricted to passengers to taking their own vehicle with them, but if you and 3 friends are traveling, then it may well be a great way to get to the game.

Perhaps the best option for getting to to Odense and enjoying yourself on the way is the ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg in Denmark, it leaves at 5.45pm each day from Harwich (near essex) and arrives at noon the next in Denmark. Odense is just 85 miles from Esbjerg and can be reached easily reached by car or Train. You would need to get a hotel for at least one night as the ferry back home is at 6.30pm.

All of the ferries are equipped with en suite cabins as well bars, restaurants and on board entertainment. If there are 4 travelling it can workout at less than £40 per person each way, if you want to take your car over it will be slightly more expensive, but again if there are 4 traveling over then the cost is not that much per person.

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