Situated on the North-East border to Belgium, the region of Champagne-Ardennes is best known for it’s world class vineyards producing the popular celebratory drink of Champagne. The region is filled with rolling green countryside, extensive vineyards, mediaeval monuments and fortified hill towns.

Unsurprisingly to hear the most popular activity in the region is following the champagne trail. There are many tour operators who will offer guided tours of some of the most prestigious champagne tasting tours, which delve inside the history and process of producing this delectable drink.

If history and architecture is more your thing why not check out the Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral. Built on the former site of a church, it is best known for being the location of coronations for the kings of France. Its exterior bodes impressive Gothic Art portals, spires and statues. Whilst inside visitors can marvel at its famous stained glass rose window.

After seeing where the French kings get coronated, why not visit the Palace du Tau, and visit where they stay the night before their coronation. This UNESCO World Heritage Site derives its name from the Greek letter Tau, because of its T-shaped layout. The palace houses the Musee de l’OEuvre which showcases, tapestries, statues and other cathedral treasures associated with French coronations.

Troyes is considered to be the historic capital of the Champagne-Ardennes region. This medieval old town features narrow cobbled streets lined with perfectly preserved half-timbered houses. Troyes has many outstanding monuments, such as the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, the Musée Saint-Loup (museum of archeology and fine arts) and the Musée d’Art Moderne.