Le Havre

Le Havre

Le Havre is a port in the Normandy region of France, where the River Seine meets the English Channel. This city differs from your usual picturesque French town, as its architecture and style is more modern with clean lines.

One of Le Havre’s most conspicuous buildings, is Le Volcan, which is the city’s premier cultural venue. This iconic structure, made up of two white curved concrete masses that are accessible via a series of sloped walkways. One the waterfront side on one of the concrete masses protrudes a modern hand. Not only is it a place for concerts, it also houses a library and a café.

The Jardins Suspendus (Hanging Gardens) is an old hilltop fortress transformed into a beautiful set of gardens, overlooking the Baie de Seine and has fabulous views of the sea and port. The site has been transformed into four distinct areas, each dedicated to a great botanist. The greenhouses offer a wise array of scented and aromatic plants, plants from all over the world. this spectacular site is only 30-minute uphill walk from the town center.

Located just 500m from the city center lies a 2km pebble and sandy beach just perfect for you to relax and enjoy. The promenade is lined with an aquatic garden, playgrounds and relaxation areas. With bars, cafes and restaurants all within a stones throw of here its the perfect place to spend the day.

If you have loved the city of Le Havre and want to take it home with you, why not purchase the city’s very own board game – Le Havre. At its heart, Le Havre is an economic worker placement, city building game where you have got to try and build your own empire of warehouses and ship your goods out for glorious profit. Fun for all the family!