Scandinavian Seaways – The Old Name for DFDS Seaways

Scandinavian Seaways – The Old Name for DFDS Seaways

Between the years of 1988 and 1999 DFDS Seaways operated under the name Scandinavian Seaways, if your were one of the many 1000’s of passengers that travelled in that period you may well be looking to travel with that company on the same route you did back then.

The name Scandinavian seaways was apt for the company as they were primarily operating routes from Scandinavia to the UK. Unfortunately the ferry links between the UK and Scandinavia have dwindled and DFDS now only operate one route between the UK and Scandinavia. In fact DFDS are currently the only operator to offer any passenger ferry route between the UK and anywhere in Scandinavia.

That ferry route is between Harwich in the UK and Esbjerg in Denmark and as mentioned above is the only active passenger ferry route operated via the UK and anywhere in Scandinavia.

Previous routes included a UK to Sweden ferry connection, that connected Newcastle in the UK with Gothenburg in Sweden via a stop in Norway at the Kristiansand port, though in 2006 DFDS Seaways stopped this route. After that route closure there was just two Scandinavian UK routes available, the Harwich Esbjerg route that is still running and the ferry route between Newcastle and Bergen in Norway.

The Newcastle to Bergen route also stopped at two other ports in Norway, Haugesund and Stavanger. However on the 1st September 2008, the last DFDS ferry between the UK and Norway was sailed after DFDS announced that route was losing money and had been for many years despite efforts to improve the profitability the route.

To take take your car from the UK to anywhere in Scandinavia now means using the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry route or if you perhaps live in the north of England using one of the UK to Holland routes – Denmark is only a few hours drive from ferry ports in Holland – there is currently two routes on offer connecting the north of England with Holland, Newcastle to Amsterdam operated by DFDS and Hull to Rotterdam operated by P&O ferries.

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