Ferry to BelgiumBelgium is the undiscovered jewel in the crown of Western Europe and having undergone a reconstruction programme has rid itself of the industrial mirth of the past to be rejuvenated by cities brimming with fashion, passion and partying.

There are three direct ferries from the UK to Belgium, sailing from Ramsgate to Ostend, Hull to  Zeebrugge Ferry and Rosyth  to Zeebrugge.

Having provided a home for the European Union and NATO headquarters, Belgium is often mistaken for the political and bureaucratic face it shows to the world – and the charm of its Belgian chocolates, waffles and cold beers tend to be overlooked. Yet it is the good things in life that you will find in Belgium – and not least of all, mouth watering food and drink. Influenced by the invasion of French and Dutch neighbours, Belgium has a glowing reputation for fine dining and coupled with relaxed, friendly locals is the ideal destination for the perfect city break.

Bruges in the north-west has seen the highest growth of tourism attracting visitors with its dynamic culture, artistic flair and pulsating nightlife. The picturesque façade of medieval architecture, sultry canals and fascinating history reflects much of Belgium’s charm and beauty. Likewise, the capital, Brussels is steeped in culture and history and there is no shortage of interesting places to explore. The Royal Palace or the Cathedral of St. Michel  are not to be missed.

One of the greatest treasures in Belgium’s trove is Antwerp, a thriving cultural hub having attracted many of the countries, artists, writers and designers. It may come as a surprise to some, but the name of this dynamic city is uttered in the same breath as Paris and Milan having become gripped in the paws of the catwalk world and as a result is laced with stylish fashion stores and chic boutiques.

Scaling things down a little, the medieval architecture and dreamy canals of Ghent make it appear charming and peaceful on the surface, but when daylight falls, the strong student population of this sleepy city surface to wreak havoc and mayhem in an explosive nightlife scene. More of the same is available in south city of Charleroi, and although the nightlife is not quite as manic as Ghent, the home of the Belgian Mardis Gras is brimming with life and colour.

The fascinating blend of sweeping French boulevards and quaint cobbled streets of medieval Holland are best found in Liege or Namur. Both situated on the banks of the River Meuse in the stunning mountainous region of the Ardennes, Liege offers a peaceful getaway and some of the most beautiful panoramic views to be found anywhere in Belgium.

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There are three direct ferries from the UK to Belgium, sailing from Ramsgate to Ostend, Hull to  Zeebrugge Ferry and Rosyth  to Zeebrugge. The Rosyth Zeebrugge ferry is in fact the only ferry connection between Scotland and mainland Europe.