The famous and renowned Waterloo is in the province of Brabant Walloon and is within close proximity to Brussels. It is a place which is visited by many for the historical battle of Waterloo that took place in 1815. The Battle of Waterloo was where Napoleon was defeated by the allied troops, commanded by the Duke of Wellington and the Prussian Marshal Blucher. To this day Waterloo draws in many visitors from all over the world to see the famous site of the battle.

The battlefield offers various attractions and historical insights. Waterloo also has a number of good restaurants and hotels as well as many other places of interest to visit. Below are just some of the sites you can see on a visit to Waterloo:

The Battlefield

The Battlefield of Waterloo is an important historical site and there is much to see and do here. A good starting point is the visitor centre, located by the Lion Mound Hamlet. The location of the Lion Mound is where the French and English troops met back in 1815. The Lion monument was later placed there in remembrance of the battle and to announce peace in Europe.

You can also book your tickets for the various attractions at the visitor centre. These include:

The Battlefield Tour – This is an audio guided 45-50 minute tour in a specially adapted vehicle which takes passengers along the tracks to the site of the battlefield. The commentary is available in a variety of different languages and explains details and stories of the battle.

The Panorama – This is a unique attraction and offers a rare glimpse into the battle of Waterloo. As its name suggests it is a panoramic room of 360 degrees. It features the circular 1912 painting by Louis Dumoulin which illustrates the thick of the battle. The realism of the battle is made even more poignant by the sound track playing in the panorama, which features various battle noises including cannon fire and cavalry charges.

The Waxwork Museum – Another fascinating attraction, the waxwork museum, depicts the great men and soldiers of the battle of waterloo, giving the historical figures a realistic animation and offering an interesting insight.

Other Attractions in Waterloo

The Wellington Museum – This museum, located in the town centre of Waterloo, was once a coaching inn where the Duke of Wellington spent two nights in 1815. Visitors walk from room to room viewing the historical memorabilia, including the room where Wellington wrote the victory bulletin for the British Government.

“Le Caillou” Farm – The farm is where Napoleon stayed on the night of the 17th June 1815 on the eve of the battle. It is now a museum featuring much memorabilia including the Emperor Napoleon’s death mask.

Traveling by Ferry to Waterloo

Waterloo is just a short drive from Brussels and is great extra place to visit if you are visiting the capital. However if your heading straight to Waterloo from the UK, then you will only be up 2 hours driving from most of the closests ports.

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