Ferries to Belgium

Ferries to Belgium

If you’re traveling to Belgium from the UK,  there are currently no direct passenger sailing ferries. We hope these routes get reinstated soon.

There are number of other options. You could try either a ferry to Holland or a ferry to France and make the short drive over to Belgium. Holland, France and Belgium are all linked with a great motorway network.

The ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge which was operated by P&O Ferries, was closed on 1st January 2021. This was the last remaining passenger ferry crossing from UK mainland to Belgium.

In 2013 the ferry crossing between Ramsgate and Ostend closed. The Belgian firm TransEuropa suspended all sailings after the company went into administration in April 2013, leaving just one daily sailing between the UK & Belgium.

In 2010 DFDS Seaways closed the last remaining Scotland to Belgium crossing, the ferry from Rosyth to Zeebrugge sailed for the last time in December 2010 leaving just two connections between the UK and Belgium.

3 thoughts on “Ferries to Belgium

  1. Lots more business (=income) if they took foot passengers. Why do I have to have a car to travel on a ferry? Will they take a bike? Electric Bike?

    1. The Ramsgate to Ostend ferry allows just people travelling in cars, motorhomes or motorcycles.

      The Hull Zeebrugge ferry allows foot passengers, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, vans, motorhomes & caravans.

  2. I’ve actually used both ferries and they are so different.

    Whilst the ramsgate ferry is nice enough on-board, it still feels like you are travelling. When I took the Hull Zeebrugge ferry, the crossing was actually a really fun part of the holiday, rather than feeling like you were travelling, I was able to relax, have a nice dinner, a few drinks on board and then a good nights sleep.

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