P&O Pet Lounge

P&O Pet Lounge

Brand new for 2022 and exclusive to our Dover to Calais route, our Pet Lounge is opening its doors and now you and your dog can relax and enjoy all the comfort, space and complimentary refreshments on board together.

Featuring a luxurious lounge for you and your 4 legged friend to travel in comfort and style, as well as an exercise area on the outside deck for some fresh air and stretching. Our large booths have plenty of space underneath to put your pets own bed down, as well as comfy leather sofas and seats for passengers.

For our human travellers the Pet Lounge also features a TV, charging points and plugs, a vending machine, and complimentary hot and cold beverages delivered by a dedicated steward. You and your pet will both love being in a dedicated space with like-minded passengers where you can both relax and feel much more comfortable.

For the best experience on board for you and your furry friend upgrade to the Pet Lounge now from just £12 each way.

Please note the Pet Lounge is only suitable for dogs.

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What’s Included

The pet lounge isn’t just great for pets, our human travellers can enjoy the lunges Tv, charging points and plugs. As well as vending machines and complimentary hot and cold beverages delivered by a dedicated steward. As well as enjoying easy access from the car deck. Don’t forget you can share photo’s of you and your dog enjoying the experience online with our free on-board wifi.

Exercise Area

The outside area gives your and your dog a place to stretch, move around and get some fresh air. With an easy to clean floor for any messes.

Travel in Comfort

The seating in the Pet Lounge offers comfy sofas and seats for human travellers. As well as spacious areas in between seats for you and your dog to move around and play. With a dedicated space for their own bed, so they can relax in comfort beside you.

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