Ferry from Harwich to Cuxhaven in Germany

Ferry from Harwich to Cuxhaven in Germany
Duchess of Scandinavia
m.s. Duchess of Scandinavia
m.s. Duchess of Scandinavia

The Harwich to Cuxhaven ferry is now closed. DFDS Seaways sailed it’s last crossing between England and Germany in November 2005 bringing to end a passenger ferry connection between the UK and Germany.

This service has never been replaced and for the last 5 years the UK and Germany have had no direct ferry connection between the two countries with people needing to use a ferry to Holland or a ferry to Denmark and then drive the last leg to Germany.

The Cuxhaven to Harwich ferry connection actually only operated for just over 3 years after it was transferred from Hamburg in March 2002. The Harwich to Hamburg sailing was longer in distance and sailing time.

The route was served by the Duchess Of Scandinavia from April 2003 and when the route ended the ship went back to it’s original Norwegian owners.

The loss of duty-free sales on board and increasing competition from low-cost airlines was the reason behind the closure and although profits on the route improved following the introduction of the Duchess Of Scandinavia it was not enough to save this route.

Alternative ferries you can use. Driving distance to Hamburg included below, see more driving distances for Berlin and Munich.

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  1. I took the ferry out of Hamburg once, and in once too! It was a magnificent route. Sailing into Cuxhaven was never quite the same so after that I did Dover Calais, then the drive. The drive time given here of 6h55 is not realistic unless driving at night- the Ruhrgebiet gets very busy!!!

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